Discover the Treasure

Celebrate the power of God’s family with Rogue Saints. It’s a fun and funny movie with a deep message.

Rogue Saints is about two guys, Nick and Dylan, who set out to steal a gigantic diamond buried in the basement of a church.  As the duo bumbles their way through their plans, they find that the people they’re trying to dupe are actually what they both need –  quirky, chaotic, and imperfect, but loving and lovable… the family they’ve been looking for.

Rogue Saints takes a comedic look at church people, church culture and the way God’s love really does change everything.


No one has a bad word to say about Nick. He is responsible, careful, and disciplined. He is a trustworthy and insightful guy who has used his strengths to become a successful real estate developer. Nick has carefully built the life he’s always wanted: the American dream. He has done the “right” thing his whole life and always believed that people reap what they sow… until now.
Dylan is an adventurer. From an early age he was diving too deep, climbing too high, and wandering too far. A dot-com success made him independently wealthy and he left everything to travel the world. He thrives being around lots of people and is quick to make people laugh and feel at ease. To most people, Dylan seems to have a great life but he isn’t content and is always searching for something more.
Having grown up in the church, Malea has always known God but it was during her college years that she personally experienced the transforming power of His love. Her journey has led her to be transparent and genuine. For Malea, the church is her family and the Bible’s Truth is her anchor. She has a gift to see the best in people and faithfully invests in the people around her.
Sage and wise, Hugh is a godly pastor who leads the church with compassion and gentle correction. He is passionate about God’s Kingdom and loves to serve people and help them to grow to become more like Jesus. Hugh’s life has not been perfect and he personally knows the power of God’s mercy and forgiveness. Hugh’s greatest love getting to serve God’s church.