Discover The Treasure In YOUR Church

The Treasure

If Oceans Eleven got thrown in a blender with My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you’d end up with the plot for Rogue Saints.

With an offbeat cast of characters and a rollercoaster of comedy, adventure and romance, Rogue Saints is a movie for the whole family to enjoy.


Contemporary society is increasingly populated and technologically connected, but ironically (and surprisingly) we are more isolated than ever.

In Rogue Saints, we look to the Church Jesus established for the solution. Jesus called us to be in community with one another. To love Him and to love one another. What if the lonely world stepped in to our community of believers and met Him through the relationships they established there?

The Rogue Saints project looks at the problem through the lives of two down-on-their-luck guys who embark on a journey to steal a diamond hidden beneath a church.

It’s funny, it’s a great ride, and it might just lead to the treasure hidden just around the corner from you.


In 2000, Harvard sociologist Robert D Putman revealed alarming trends in contemporary American society. He found that in the prior 25 years,

Attendance in social clubs and meetings declined 58%
“Having friends over” dropped 45% in frequency
Traditional family dinners are down 33%
Putman warned that our plummeting ‘social fabric’ is impoverishing our lives and communities.

Putman’s findings were criticized by peers who claimed technology connects us more than ever. Then a study in 2006 by sociologists at Duke & Arizona University reinforced the concern:

Those who have no one to turn to in a crisis have more than doubled to 25%
For those who have someone to turn to, the size of that sphere declined by 30%
Both family and non-family connections have dropped.

The changes were so great that the authors confessed they were surprised and skeptical, but others sounded the alarm. Ironically, technology is not the solution; it’s part of the problem.

“We email each other rather than calling or meeting, so there can be a sense of connection but also a loss of actual time spent with friends and families.” (Psychologist Margaret Gibbs)
“The frequency of contact and volume of contact [between new college freshmen] does not necessarily translate into the quality of contact.” (University psychologist John Powell)
“We’ve become a society where we expect things instantly, and don’t spend the time it takes to have real intimacy with another person”. (Psychologist Margaret Gibbs)
Even as we are increasingly populated and connected … we are becoming alone in a crowd.

Your Church

Rogue Saints is about two guys who set out to steal a diamond and discover a greater treasure in God’s family.

As Nick and Dylan bumble their way through their plans, they find that the people they’re trying to dupe are just what they’ve needed: quirky, chaotic, and imperfect, but loving and lovable … the family they’ve been looking for.

The film powerfully reveals that when a church functions as God’s community, it can change the lonely world around it.  It’s a celebration of His family as it touches the human need for relationship.  His plan does not end with acceptance of Christ’s atonement for sin; He’s made a way for us to grow in Him as we grow in relation with others.