Awards & Reviews

Focus On the Family - Plugged In - Review by Bob Waliszewski
"...Rogue Saints is a fun and imaginative flick, one that I’m giving a 4-½ sparkly jewels out of 5 for family friendliness.
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Christian Film Guide- Review by Christian St. John
"Rogue Saints is a rare bird, a Christian comedy that’s laugh-out-loud funny. With some great writing and acting, first time director, Adam Lubanski, does an expert job of pulling it all together resulting in a quality production. Highly recommended.
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Hollywood Jesus - Review by Melinda Ledman
"Rogue Saints held the biggest number of laughs I’ve had at a movie in the last two years, though The Avengers comes a close second. It’s always a good sign when you actually laugh out loud.
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Sonoma Christian Home - Review by Dale Ward
"Rogue Saints: very fulfilling and one of the best Christian films ever produced – a perfect movie for me: a crime caper/adventure/buddy film/romance/comedy: a real gem. Sit back and enjoy...."
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The Attic Film Festival- Award Announcement
"...perfect for Family movie nights, movie nights with neighbors, church groups, youth groups etc. It made us laugh, it made us cry... "
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Christian Cinema -
"The creators of Rogue Saints have constructed a rare find in Christian filmmaking. It isn't often that you can locate a pure comedy on Christian bookstore shelves..."
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Hollywood Jesus - Review by Jacob Sahms
"...this one defied my expectations, and demanded I care for its characters and principles, earning my respect… and my recommendation."[modal name="Review - Hollywood Jesus - Jacob Sahms"]Read Full Review[/modal]

TCP Radio - Review by Ben Umnus
"I’m glad to have a part of my Christian movie collection and hope to see more movies like this."[modal name="Review - TCP Radio - Ben Umnus"]Read Full Review[/modal]

Dove Foundation - Review by Edwin L. Carpenter
"This movie shows that the Lord can move in our life situations if we allow him to... We are awarding our Dove Seal to this movie for all ages..."
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Award Festival City
Best US Narrative Feature San Diego Christian Film Festival San Diego, CA
Best Feature Film Midwest Christian-Inspirational Indie Film Fest  Chicago, IL
TAFF Family Award The Attic Film Festival Austin, TX
Best Screenplay Kingdomwood Film Festival Atlanta, GA
Redemptive Storyteller Award Redemptive Film Festival Viriginia Beach, VA
Excellence in Filmmaking Williamsburg International Film Festival  New York, NY
Award of Merit in Christian Films The Indie Fest La Jolla, CA
Award of Merit in Christian Films The Accolade La Jolla, CA
Official Selection Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival Charlotte, NC
Official Selection Projecting Hope Film Festival Charlotte Charlotte, NC
Official Selection Projecting Hope Film Festival Pittsburgh Pittsburg, PA